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20m Home Designs

It all starts with an idea, and when it comes to building your new home, our Perth based Builders and Designers will collaborate with you all your ideas to create your dream home. When you build a 20m wide home, you can explore the functionalities and flow of the home and the way in which the different spaces of the home come in to play. The different views and the way sunlight plays a role in the floorplans can be a very creative process.


We don’t want to have to say it but, bask in the splendour (of the Splendour).


Simply put, the Paradigm is the ideal home. Go figure.


It’s the crowd favourite for a reason. This home has something for everyone.


This home really represents what Progen is all about; a perfect space to live, make memories and create futures.


This home’s elevation provides a classic frontage with a modern edge.


The Aspire is a representation of all the things we believe a great home comprises of; timeless style, space to grow, room for entertainment and not to mention the Walk-in-Robe of your dreams.

Metropolitan - New Home Design - Progen Building Group Perth WA

A home for those with busy lifestyles because of its low maintenance and highly functional design.

Luxe Collection Specification

We took a lot of time to curate a specification that provides high quality finishes and appliances for our clients. Take a closer look at our Luxe Collection Specification.

Hobless Showers

900mm Fisher & Paykel Stainless Steel appliances

Luxury Vito Bertoni Tapware